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Germany’s BITMARCK Group maintains SLA compliance with immediate IBM® IMS™ database recovery


SLA compliance

20 minutes

for data recovery



Business Challenge

BITMARCK Group provides public health insurance companies in Germany with data center services and network operations, as well as expert advice, training, and IT consulting. BITMARCK’s IT environment includes two IBM® z13® mainframes running IBM IMS databases that contain critical data required for insurance applications. The IT staff could not quickly recover data that was not correctly written to IMS during client data transfers. These errors sometimes caused outages that made meeting service level agreements (SLAs) difficult. Failure to meet SLAs could result in unhappy clients as well as financial penalties.

BMC Solution

Recovery Plus for IMS™ provides point-in-time, roll-forward, and full recovery, enabling the database staff to recover data in minutes and minimizing outages caused by database corruption.

Business Impact

With rapid recovery from data errors, BITMARCK consistently meets customer expectations, resulting in higher customer satisfaction and lower risk of incurring financial penalties that affect profitability.

  • In one incident, Recovery Plus completely restored missing data in just 20 minutes, saving days of manual recovery efforts.
  • Recovery Plus helps minimize outages resulting from database errors and achieve 100 percent SLA compliance.
  • Recovery Plus complements other BMC solutions, including MainView which BITMARCK uses to monitor their applications, databases, and operating system, and MAXM Reorg/Online for IMS™, which ensures that database reorgs complete within the time allowed by clients.

“Our clients rely on us to keep their critical business applications running reliably so they can support the insurance needs of their customers. Recovery Plus for IMS enables us to consistently deliver the level of service they expect."

— Sven Lange, Division Manager for zSeries®/Databases, BITMARK Group

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